About Us


this company established 1960 under Libyan applicable laws and regulations, started as a small supermarket deals with different commodities required by Libyan market, such as perfumes , cleaning materials , body care products, and cosmetics. This store developed to become a department store or mall of different sections and deals with various goods , up to 1996. we began to engage in importation from different companies in Europe, Asia and Arab world. Despite the difficulties we passed through during our progress, we establish a company under the commercial name “Zahrat Alorjowan” with headquarters in Misurata city(libya) to operate in import of perfumers , cosmetics, hair and body care products. We constituted many sakes centers and branches in  many Libyan cities such as Tripoli- Benghazi-Sabha- Zletian- Khomes and Azzawiy. Our company had made contracts with many shopping centers and malls in order to sell our products. Our company has erected warehouses that meet the international specification and standards, to store the commodities products of the companies. we have already started to do business with many countries such as (Italy, Spain, Turkey, China and Dubai) . Currently, we concluded a contract with a Brazilian company.

Considering the strategic location of Libya, along with the free zone in Misurata city, Libyan can serve as a gate and passage (transit) to North Africa region and African neighboring countries. we Conducted a future study to open an exportation of all companies products to countries such as Tunisia, Sudan, Niger, Morocco, Algeria and Chad.

We sincerely hope this endeavor out well.